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 We are the Food & Beverage Division of TDHI GROUP.


Design and development of new products in the food sector.

Design and development of new products in the beverage sector.

The commercial development of your brand is in the Food and Beverage sector.

We can design branding for your new grappa, cognac, brandy, beer or tequila.

Do you have a new product and want a new design or original packaging? Or do you need ideas to renew it commercially or to propose it as a new product on the market?


Do you have a craft beer, a great wine, a unique cake, or a fantastic line of cookies? We are the ideal partner for you. We will take your product worldwide or to the markets we choose for you.

  • In addition to creating the brand, making it known in the markets and making your company better known and esteemed, we find turnover the second most important thing in a company.

  • Furthermore, unique in the world, we finance the development of SMEs in which we believe. If, after having analyzed your company and, above all, your products, you can be accredited and obtain a non-repayable loan for up to 50% of the necessary investments.

  • Contact us. It will be your best choice of the day.

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